Thursday, 27 July 2017

4th Birthday - Day 27 - Tegan's Town

 Day 27 of the birthday month sees a craft activity to help your students practice colours and the points of the compass!

Each student should be given a blank, map sheet and a smaller (half sheet) with the blank buildings on. Once they have coloured the buildings, according to their labels, they should cut them out. They have a series of clues on the map sheet that tell them where to stick the buildings. They are shown which way is north, to help them. For example, the first clue is "the pink park is in the middle of town and the blue bank is in the south west". Your students need to glue the pink park in the middle of the star and the blue bank on the bottom left of the page.

Once they have followed all the clues, they should have a fully completed town! I have included an answer sheet for teachers to make it easier to check their work.

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