Friday, 28 July 2017

4th Birthday - Day 28 - The M Game

 The M Game is a version of taboo, just with the emphasis on the letter M. There are 64 word cards, all M words and all a mixture of verbs, adverbs, nouns, and adjectives. 

You, the teacher, needs to print and cut the cards before shuffling them and putting them in a pile, face down for your students.
The students take a card and, without showing anyone, describe the M word on their card for the other students to guess. The catch is that they cannot use any word that contains an M! So, for example, if the word on the card is "Male" the student with the card CANNOT use "male", "gentleman/gentlemen", "him" or "me" or any other word spelt with an M. The student that manages to guess the word on the card keeps it. If no one guesses it, the student who picked it keeps it. The student with the most crds at the end, wins the M Game!

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