Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Takeaway Tuesday #1: Advice Tic-Tac-Toe

#1: Advice Tic-Tac-Toe

The first Takeaway Tuesday is a photocopiable game sheet to give your students a chance to practice giving advice. 

Split your class into pairs and give each pair a sheet. They can give advice on any of the problems in the grid and then, once the advice is given, they write the first letter of their name on the corresponding square. When they have 5 squares in a line (in any direction), they can mark one point in their point box. The person with the most points when all the squares are finished is the winner.

As always, click on the download button below, download, print and take to class.

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Watch this space...

Matt-Erials, after a rather long holiday, is back. 

I've been busy making yet another move, this time to South Africa (via 4 months in England to sort out a visa) but I am ready and raring to go again!

Look out for "Takeaway Tuesday"...every week for the next year, there will be an activity uploaded and ready for you and your classroom on a Tuesday. Keep your eager eyes peeled for the logo below!

And, check the Matt-Erials Twitter, also every week, for an interesting world to teach your students and improve their vocabulary.
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Monday, 5 March 2018

Class Stars

If you are lucky enough to be teaching children (young or very young learners) you will know that half of the battle is managing your classroom and getting the best behaviour from your students.

Class Stars is a PowerPoint based tool for rewarding your class for good behaviour, and good English production, which allows you to take away stars when you are not satisfied with their behaviour. 

Click on the "a star" box on the bottom of the screen and a bright, shining star will appear in the night sky. When you do this is completely up to you. There are a total of 20 starts to award to your class (that could be on each if you wanted to). If, once they have a star, they behave in a way you don't want or like, click on any star to remove it. I would suggest offering a reward based on the number of stars left on the board at the end of the lesson. Maybe less homework or starting the next lesson with their favourite game.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Whine Club

Time, I feel, for a board game!

This one helps your students to complain using English. Let's face it, we complain all the time. We complain in restaurants and bars, we complain in banks and at airports!

Each square contains the start of a phrase we use to complain, all they have to do is finish it off with a genuine (or made up) complaint for somewhere they have been. It might even be a real life complaint they have heard or made themselves. It's great for advanced teens and adults and groups of almost any size. And, of course, it's photocopiable!

Friday, 9 February 2018

Race Games Mega Pack

The Race Games Mega Pack contains 25 (yes, twenty five) PowerPoint based race games!

Each one works for between 4 or 5 players or teams. Each one can be used as a reward for almost any activity (whether it is a speaking activity, a grammar or vocabulary activity). Simply ask your class a question or to produce the target language for the lesson. If they are correct they can come to the Interactive Whiteboard and press, or click, the corresponding button for their team. Once they do, their team will move forward. Moving forward 7 times will win them the race.

The 25 race games all come as separate PowerPoint files (download them all as a ZIP file below) and include;
Batman Runner, Bicycle Race, Cat Walk, Dr Who Race, Foxtrot, Gruffalo Grand Prix, Hall Race, Hike, Homer Hop, Joker Creep, Mario Race, Moonwalker, Pacing Pandas, Penny Farthing Racer, Pigeon Parade, Pikarun, Polar Express, Pumpkin Passage, Regatta, Rex Race, Robin Race, Run Racoon Race, Snail Trail, Squirrel Race and Wolf Pack.

Each one is perfect for a different theme, so look through them before your lesson to find the perfect one!

WARNING: All games use animated GIFs for the characters and have moving backgrounds, so may not be suitable for epileptics.

Friday, 2 February 2018

24 Hours

It's been a while since I posted a craft, so I thought it was about time I did!

Everyone who teaches children will, at some point, have to teach them time. Some students may know the 12-hour clock, some may be more familiar with the 24-hour clock. Teaching the differences, though not impossible, can mean a fair bit of repetition. 

That's where 24-Hours comes in handy.
Give each student a copy of the 24-hour clock and, time permitting, have them colour it in. Then give them a copy of the blank clock and have them write the 12-hour clock on, and colour in if you want them too. Make sure they cut along the dotted lines and fold on the solid edge line.

Once everything is cut and coloured (they don't need to cut anything on the page with the 24-hour clock), give them the clock hands (I've provided many on one page to make it easier for you, the teacher) and have them cut them out. Then glue the 12-hour clock, but not the flaps, onto the 24-hour clock and attach the hands with a split pin.

Your students should then have a working, model clock that they can use to convert the 24-hour clock to the 12-hour clock and visa versa.

Monday, 29 January 2018


I am sure every teacher has played Scrabble with students at some point. But, it's not the easiest game to come across. Sometimes a school or another teacher will own it, but not always. 

Babble is perfect for if you don't have access to actual Scrabble. Babble is just like Scrabble, except there is no board. Students can make words in any direction but they don't need to stick to the board. This does, of course, mean there are no triple or double word/letter scores, this should make it simpler to play and work out the scores.

All you have to do is print it out, cut out the letter tiles (this may take some time, sorry) and cut and fold the letter holders. Then you are ready to play with your students. Don't forget, you can always split your class into teams and have them play together.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Pin the Apostrophe on the Its

I thought I would start of 2018 with something fun, quick, easy to play yet still educational activity.

Many people, including native speakers struggle with where to put the apostrophe in the word its (I know that is wrong but I wanted to write it without any apostrophe). 

Pin the Apostrophe on the Its is a great game to play with teenagers and adults, as a reward or warmer or even review.

All you need to do it blindfold them, you can even spin them around a few times, and have them touch the screen (you will need an interactive whiteboard) to place the apostrophe where they think it will go. The chances of them getting it correct are slim, but it still makes for a fun game.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

2018 Update

Matt-Erials had been a little quite of late, and I would like to apologise for that. I had big plans for this Christmas and the New Year but with a move to South Africa appearing from the blue things haven't quite worked out as planned.

I am still trying to work out what to do with this year, I might continue with the Grammar Collection (the page definitely needs updating) but I might also try some new stuff too). I promise that, whatever I do, it will still be more than useful for you and your students.

Oh, and one more thing...

...the eagle-eyed amongst you will have already noticed that adverts have recently started appearing on the blog. Don't worry, you shouldn't notice any difference to how the blog runs and, you definitely won't notice any difference when it comes to the activities and the blog itself! 

I will try and ensure that the majority of adverts are suitable and useful for ESL teaching, and if the advertising thing really doesn't work out I won't drag it out for longer than necessary.

I'd like to thank you all for your continued visits (and hopefully downloads of activities) and your patience as I sort things out for this coming year!

And good luck to everyone in what ever they are doing in 2018!

Monday, 18 December 2017

A Christmas Schmorgesborg (9 Activities)!

First of all, a Merry Christmas to one and all!

Secondly, many apologies for not having uploaded much recently. This Christmas sees Matt-Erials based in sunny South Africa and, with this, a host of internet issues. So...

Thirdly, and to make up for the lack of activities, here is A Christmas Schmorgesborg for you all (I also know it's a little late, but better late than never, right?)

24th December
A powerpoint game where students help Santa to deliver a present. 
Simply ask your students questions and, if they are correct they can press the spacebar and move the present that little bit further. 

Click Here to Download 24th December

A Christmas Mad-Lib
We all know mad-libs, this one is a Christmas version!
Best used with teen or adult classes. Use the list at the top of the page to elicit various words and then slot them into the story, and see what your students have created.

Click Here to Download A Christmas Mad-Lib

Christmas Gift Craft
Kids love crafts and parents love something their children have made!
Christmas Gift craft requires your students to colour, cut and stick a Christmas themed item into a gift box, that they have also coloured, cut and stick, before writing a message to their parents as a Christmas gift.

Click Here to Download Christmas Gift Craft

Christmas Reindeer Dice
A simple, six sided dice to print (best on card) and build. 
You can have your students make their own, or create one for your class. Each number is represented by a number of coloured reindeer.

Click Here to Download Christmas Reindeer Dice

A Christmas pudding and powerpoint based version of heads or tails.
Great for teaching anything where there is a choice of 2 options i.e. Like/Don't Like, Yes/No, Eat/Drink. Assign a colour to each option, press the launch button and have the student produce the corresponding sentence. Once all the Christmas Puddings are used up, press the refill button and continue.

Click Here to Download Christmas-O-Matic

Fix Father Christmas
A powerpoint and dice based reward game of chance!
The aim of the game is to fix Father Christmas, but you can only do that if you answer the question correctly and then roll the number that corresponds to the correct body part. Students have to roll the dice so that the numbers appear in order, and can only use each body part once. The dice is also available,  

Click Here to Download Fix Father Christmas Powerpoint
Click Here to Download Fix Father Christmas Dice

Santa Stroll
A powerpoint race game, for 4 teams.
Split your class into 4 teams and ask them questions. If they answer the question correctly, have them press their team button to make Santa stroll. 7 correct answers will win them the  race.

Click Here to Download Santa Stroll

A powerpoint based points game for individual players or teams.
Once a student, or team, has answered a question correctly or produce the language have them click the space bar or the screen to make Carlie Brown throw a snowball at the target and record the score!

Click Here to Download Snowball

Target Grinch
A powerpoint target game for sticky balls.
Have students throw a sticky ball at a smart board to try and hit the moving target. If they hit it they will here the grinch laughing. Remember you need a smart board AND a sticky, or soft ball (press the space bar to start the target swinging).

Click Here to Download Target Grinch