Saturday, 16 September 2017

Grammer Collection - Nerns

Grammar Collection - Nerns
Nerns is a game to practice nouns and verbs in the same sentence!

As usual, print the board (there is a colour and a black and white version included in the pack), split your class into groups and give each group a board, dice and counters.

Each square has a verb (the first word) and a noun (the second word). All the students have to do is produce a sentence using both the verb and the noun. They can produce a positive  or a negative sentence or a question, as long as they use both the verb and the noun!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

BONUS - Henry's Game

Today marks the first birthday of my first nephew so, to celebrate, I have created a PPT reward game!

Henry's Game is a simple, fun game. All your students have to do is to decide which of the eight items will make the baby Henry laugh! Once they have produced the language or behaviour you want them to, they come to the Interactive Whiteboard and click on one of the items. If they get a laugh, they are successful. Only one item at a time will get a laugh and it is constantly changing, so they never know which one will get the result!

Happy playing, and Happy Birthday Henry!

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Grammar Collection - Confusion

Grammar Collection - Confusion

English is full of words that can be, and are, easily confused. And as all teachers will know, one confused word in a sentence can make all the difference to the meaning, the fluency and other people's understanding.

Confusion contains 28 pairs, and 1 trio, of commonly confused words for learners to use in sentences. This should help them understand the difference in meaning and use. As with all Matt-Erials board games, just print out copies for small groups, give them dice and counters and have them roll the dice and make the sentences.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Bonus - Duck

ESL Matt-Erials has reached its 2017 target of 20 thousand page views a whole 4 months early!

So, as a thank you to all of you wonderful teachers out there for all your views, support and (hopefully) downloads, here is a small bonus activity for you all to download!

Duck is a fun, fairly fast activity for kids. All you need to do is download it and put it on your Interactive Whiteboard, Smart Board or computer. Use it as a reward for language production or good behaviour. All your students need to do is come up to the board and find the duck under the bubbles!

Have them click on the bubbles in the bath to remove them and find the duck. 
There are 8 different levels, with a duck in a different place on each level. Choose the level you want to use with your class, from the first page, and have them play. If you need to go back to that first page again, click on the bathroom mat at the top of the screen and you will be taken back


Gramar Collection - Grammar Alert

Grammar Collection - Grammar Alert

Certain, simple words in the English language are easily confused and can very easily change the meaning of a sentence if they reused wrong. Admittedly there are many of these words, and Grammar Alert doesn't cover all of them, but it does include you're, your, they're, their, there, we're, were, where, then, than, to and too.

Print out the page of cards with the 12 words and the 12 meanings and have your students match the words and meanings, to see what your students know. Once they have the words, and meanings, correctly matched have them try to use each word in a sentence. It's not a difficult activity but it can be very helpful with lower level groups to help them improve the basics!

P.S. An activity to celebrate reaching the age view target will be available soon...

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

2017 Target Reached!

Matt-Erials would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support, views and downloads! At the start of the year I set myself the seemingly over ambitious target of getting 20, 000 page views before chritsmas. 

I checked quickly this morning and, to my surprise, I have received 20, 010 views already!

A celebration is, therefore, in order...

Keep your eagle eyes (should that perhaps be hyphenated?) peeled for a few activities appearing in celebration!

Thanks everyone!

Friday, 25 August 2017

Grammar Collection - Adnoun

Grammar Collection - Adnoun

Adjectives and adverbs are frequently used in the English language and, as they should be, frequently taught in English lessons. However, it is not uncommon for students to be a little unsure about them and need more practice.

Adnoun gives your students a chance to practice using both! It's a simple board game. They roll the dice and land on a letter. If they rolled a 1, 2 or 3 they produce a positive adverb or adjective (or one of each) starting with that letter. If they roll a 4, 5, or 6 they should produce a negative adverb or adjective. For more more advanced groups, or more practice, you could have them produce an sentence as well. It is an easily adapted board game and great fun for any age group, or size of group!

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

4th Birthday - BONUS DAY - Fidget Points

 I know the birthday month is over and it is now August but, as a special treat, here is a bonus activity!

Fidget Spinners are all the rage right now, so why not put them to good use in your classroom? Fidget Points is a powerpoint game that enables your students to come to the front of the class and produce any language you require before they touch the screen (for interactive whiteboards) or click the space bar/mouse (for a computer). The fidget spinner will then spin around and land on points for the student. When you're done you can see who has the most points, turning any language production into a game! The fidget spinner will spin over 30 times, so a class of 30 students will all get a spin and a different score!

Monday, 31 July 2017

4th Birthday - Day 31 - Why Did Bunny Die?

 Today is the last day of the birthday month, and what a month it has been! I shall put all the birthday month activities in one place (probably later today) so you can all find them again. But, before the normal year resumes, here is one last activity...

Why Did Bunny Die? is great for teens and adults with a good sense of humour and a great way to practice describing places and situations. Print out the two pages of cards (there are 10 per page) and distribute them to your students. Give students a blank piece of paper as well. Then, have each student take it in turns to describe the picture and have the other students draw what they think is being described. None of the situations depicted are ordinary, so students will have to call on all of their skills to describe, and draw, each picture! They will need to know nouns, prepositions, conjunctions and some verbs.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

4th Birthday - Day 30 - Tintin Spin Spin

 It's nearly the end of the Birthday Month and it's finally time for a spinner!

Tintin Spin Spin includes nine different pictures of Tintin. The students can come to the interactive whiteboard and touch the screen (clicking the mouse or the spacebar will work if you don't have the luxury of an interactive whiteboard). The wheel will spin and the finger will point at one of the pictures of Tintin. Once it lands, the student simply has to say how Tintin feels, is he scared or happy, angry or confused? If you have. slightly more advanced group you can maybe have them speculate as to why he is feeling the way he is. There should be enough spins for around 25-30 different students.