Sunday, 2 April 2017

Grammar Collection - Conditional Three

Grammar Collection - Conditional Three
The Third Conditional

The third conditional is used to talk about the past and describe a situation that didn't happen and, importantly, the result of that situation. Students often struggle with this conditional because it isn't necessarily as concrete as some other concepts in English.

As you will all know, I am a great fan of using board games to help my students practice using the grammar. And the great thing is, a board game can be used as controlled or freer practice. In the case of Conditional Free it is used best as a controlled practice activity.

Have your students roll the dice and move around the board, each square has a question to elicit the third conditional from your students. Just remember they need to produce "if + past perfect, ...would + have + past participle".

So, for example;

The square says "What would have happened if he had studied more?"

The student produces "If he had studied more he would have passed the exam."

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