Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Wild Animals Lesson

Time, once again, for another fully photocopiable, full lesson plan!

This week it is a wild animals lesson. Teach your classes 20 wild animals and then the four habitats they live in.
The lesson plan (in PDF format) includes;

  1. Teachers Notes (to help you know what to do with every activity),
  2. Animal Flashcards (to introduce the 20 animals),
  3. Treasure Hunt Answer Sheets (place these outside the classroom),
  4. Treasure Hunt Student Sheets (use in conjunction with the answer sheets and let the students find the names for all the animals and write them down),
  5. Dominoes (have your students match the pictures and words),
  6. A Board Game (so your students can name the animals),
  7. Top Score (use in place of the board game, or use once you have introduced the habitats), 
  8. Habitats Flashcards (introduce the four habitats),
  9. Habitats Dice (you will need to make it, or let your students make one each, before using it to practice the habitats),
  10. Habitats Sort (cut up the names of the animals and have your students sort the animals into their respective habitats),
  11. Habitats Worksheet (as final consolidation of what animals live in the habitats).
It consists of about 20/21 pages, so is a little paper heavy but it does include everything you need for a fun and engaging lesson!

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