Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Clothes Lesson

Having taught a considerable amount of young learners over the years, it tears out I have also taught a lot about clothes. So, the other day, I finally decided to collate all my activities on clothes and put them together in one, photocopiable lesson, with notes for other teachers!

Included in this pack are;

  • Teachers notes to help you teach.
  • 21 Foldable flashcards. Print them and fold them so that the names of the clothing items are on the back.
  • Dominoes. Have your class match the clothes to the words.
  • A worksheet as consolidation of what they have learnt.
  • Board Game 1. Your students can make their way around the board, naming the clothes as they go.
  • Board Game 2. A slightly harder board game, for classes that find it a little easier. They have to name the clothes based on a small section of an image.
  • "I am wearing..." Top Score. Great for practicing the subject, once you have introduced it. Each student will have to say they are wearing each item of clothing before the game finishes.
  • And, Game Cards. use these as you wish. Either for a generic board game or to allow students to pick a card and name it, or say that they are wearing what is on the card.

All you have to do is download and print. You can navigate within the document, from the contents page.

I hope your classes like it and that it makes your life a little easier.

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