Sunday, 28 February 2016

Two Daft Punks

I am sure you all play Paper, Scissors, Stone (or Rock, Paper, Scissors) in your classes and I know I've played many a Matt-Erials Battle Game with my classes (hopefully some of you will have done the same (if not, why not?))

Some time back I decided to combine the two types of game, with a coin flip element thrown in for fun!
Two Daft Punks is a game for two teams, each team is assigned one of the daft punks. You, the teacher, then asks one member from each team a simple question. If they are both correct, you flip the "coin" and reveal which punk gets to hit the other punk. 

The first team to receive five hits looses! The hits received are marked, at either side of the punks, by a couple of gauges so that you can keep track of exactly who is winning and who is loosing.

Don't forget that you need to print, cut and assemble the flipper. The rest of the game is on the powerpoint for you.

Powerpoint                    Flipper

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