Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Takeaway Tuesday #3: Animal Affray

Takeaway Tuesday #3: Animal Affray

It is time, once more, for Takeaway Tuesday. This time it is another PPT game!
Animal Affray is a game for 2 teams, 1 orange/red and the other purple. Each team has a spinner and a button to spin their spinner. Once the wheels have stopped spinning, the arrow will point to an animal for both teams. The winner of each spin is determined by the chart at the bottom of the screen. 

Mouse sacres Elephant
Cat eats Mouse
Dog eats Cat
Banana maes Dog Sick
Fly eats Banana
Fish eats Fly
Eagle eats Fish 
Elephant steps on Snake

It is up to you, the teacher, what happens to the winning and loosing teams. Either the loosing team has to answer a question, or he winning team gets a point, or anything else you can think of! You could even do a Teacher Vs. Student game...

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