Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Takeaway Tuesday #2: Alien Abduction

Takeaway Tuesday #2: Alien Abduction

The second instalment of Takeaway Tuesday is a fun, light hearted PPT score game.

The aim of Alien Abduction is to abduct all of the aliens. You can use it for any sized class and to help practice any language point. Simply have your students produce the language and, if they are correct, they can press the spacebar or the screen (on an interactive whiteboard) and abduct the alien. You could, of course, play it the other way round and remove an alien for every mistake with rewards for numbers of aliens remaining (for example, if the class has all 15 aliens left at the end of the game they can play a game of their choosing, but if they have done left at the end they will have extra homework (obviously you can make your own rules)).

But, however you decide to play, remember to have fun!

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