Friday, 17 November 2017

Grammar Collection - Transition Card Sort

Grammar Collection - Transition Card Sort

When we are writing or speaking, we often need to transition between sentences, clauses and even ideas. We can use transition words to show similarity, exception, order, time, example, emphasis, cause and effect, evidence and conclusion. 

There are a lot of transition words but knowing when to use them and for what purpose, can be difficult for students. Transition Card Sort can help with that. 

It includes 5 pages, each with 2 sections for the 10 types of transition words. It also includes 2 sheets with 32 word cards each (that's 64 in total). Obviously, you don't have to use all 64 as this might get a little overwhelming for your students. Once you've printed everything out, have your students (in groups if you prefer) sort the cards into the correct categories. There is also an answer sheet included to help you, and later your students. 

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