Friday, 7 July 2017

4th Birthday - Day 7 - Foo Fighters

 Foo Fighters, the 7th activity for the birthday month, is a simple and fun way to keep score for a small group of students!


Print and cut all 3 pages (the dice, the "Foo's" and the sheet. Cut and glue the dice (best printed on card). Cut the "Foo's" from page 2, but don't cut. Cut along the grey, vertical, dotted lines on page 3. Push the tabs of the first "Foo" through slots 1 and 2 and glue the tabs together at the back. Repeat for  the remaining 3 "Foo's". They should slide up and down the sheet with ease.

Assign each student, or group of students and "Foo". Once the answer a question correctly, or reduce the intended language, have them roll the dice. If they get a "Foo" with a green tick, they can move their "Foo" up a level. If they get a "Foo" with a red cross (this bit you can decide) they either don't move at all or they move down a level.

The student, or team, who gets their "Foo" to the top of the page first, wins!

It can also be used as a classroom management tool. Simply display the "Foo's" on the sheet and assign one "Foo" to a student or small group, don't use the dice. Good behaviour is rewarded by moving a "Foo" up, but behaviour is punished by moving a "Foo" down.


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