Tuesday, 25 July 2017

4th Birthday - Day - 25 - Robot Body

  Young Learners often learn body parts and, admittedly, there are lots of great activities you can do and use. But you can never have enough, right?

Robot body is a craft and a board game all rolled into one. Give each student a small sheet of body parts and have them cut out the pieces. Then, give each student a board game sheet. This is where it gets a little complicated. They play the board game, individually, but share the same dice and take it in turns. You will also need to give student a glue stick. When they play the game, they roll the dice and move as normal. When they land on a square they find that body part in their pile and stick it onto the template in the middle of the sheet. If they have already got that body part glued down, they miss a turn and the dice goes to the next player. Each player glues their body parts onto their sheet and moves their piece on their own board. Once they have finished, they can draw lines to match the words and the body parts on their completed craft. 

I have included instructions with the PDF, just to help you and remind you as you use it. 

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