Saturday, 10 June 2017

Grammar Collection: #questiontags

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Grammar Collection: #questiontags

We can ask a question i.e. "Do you like coffee?" if we don't know a piece of information and want to find it out or, if we think we know the piece of information but just want to check we are correct, we can use a statement followed by a question tag i.e. "you like coffee, don't you?"

Everyone reading this should, by now, know that Matt-Erials loves nothing more than a good, old fashioned board game to practice any grammar or vocabulary point.

#questiontags is, as you may have guessed, is such a board game for practicing question tags. Each square (or tag) includes a question tag. All the students have to do, as they move around the board, is to think of a statement to go with the particular question tag they land on and direct it towards a student on either their left or right (you, as the teacher, should decide which one before the game starts).

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