Saturday, 17 June 2017

Grammar Collection: Personali-Tea

Grammar Collection: Personali-Tea

It is time, once again for another board game to help your students practice their grammar.

This time it is for Adjectives of Personality and probably best used for adults, or teens, in upper intermediate to advanced classes. Some of the adjectives aren't very common or particularly simple.
Students roll the dice and move their piece around the board. When they land on a square it will tell them a person, e.g. their mother or brother. They then choose one of the personality cards (that you can also use to pre-teach any vocabulary and play other games with). Once they have the person and the adjective, they make a sentence with a reason for their answer. For example, they land on "brother" and choose "selfish" from the cards. So they produce a sentence similar to "my brother is selfish because he never shares his toys" or "my brother isn't selfish because he gives me all his old toys".

All you have to do is print the two pages of adjectives cards and the one board game page, cut up the cards and shuffle them. There is a space on the board for them to sit, face down, and ready to be chosen.

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