Friday, 21 October 2016


Vocabulary is an immensely important part of learning English. And students are often hungry to soak up as much as you can throw at them. One of the problems is, English vocabulary seems to change and evolve every year. We are always adding new words to our language. A quick search of the Internet, especially social media, will reveal a host of new words, some are in use, some are in the dictionary and others simply sound great and, possibly, should be in use (if not in the dictionary).

The problem can be that students are transfixed with learning existing vocabulary and getting them to think about new words can be a struggle. Especially as a lot of words that native speakers suggest tend to be combinations or derivations of existing words.

Newfinitions is a great, hopefully simple, way of introducing new vocabulary. Admittedly they are new and nonexistent words, but there are new words in the definition sections. And it can be a great warmer or way to kickstart the creativity of a class.
This works best for a pre-intermediate class or above.

Simply print, photocopy and cut the grey definition cards and the White word cards and have your students match them. I have provided a sheet of answers, just to help you out. 

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