Monday, 19 October 2015

My Home

We've all taught at least one lesson on the rooms in house and the furniture in those rooms. I am sure we all go on to teaching some kind of structure, probably along the lines of "the bed is in the bedroom". I know I have and probably will have to again.

So, with that in mind, I created "My Home", just so that everything I used in the particular lesson had the same theme and matched, making it easier for the students to follow and remember the information.

I started with a powerpoint introducing the rooms, I think I then did a couple of drilling activities or games but can't remember what. Once I was happy they knew the names of the rooms, I move on to the furniture. After introducing it, I had my students play a game of Top Score to practice. When this was done I moved on to the structure "there is a ... in the ...". I introduced it on the powerpoint and then had the students produce it, they were allowed to choose the room and the item in it.
And then, to finish off they completed a cut and stick worksheet. They had the drawing of the home and needed to label it before cutting and sticking the furniture in the various rooms. After I had seen and okayed that part I gave them the second part to glue on to the bottom. This part involved them looking at their picture and using the structure to write sentences describing where everything was.

It all took a good hour to complete and, by the end of it, the students were confident in using the structure correctly.

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