Monday, 26 October 2015

Haunted House

Seeing as it is coming up to Halloween and I am aware lots of schools, both ESL and normal, do something for for spooky holiday, I thought it was about time i posted something spooky!

You students are in a darkened room, with nothing but a torch. And the room is filled to the brim with bats! Your students have to catch each and every one and turn them into pumpkins (which they can do as a reward for a correct answer by touching each bat)! The only problem is, they can only see the bats once the torch light touches them! If they are too slow, the torch will move on and they will have to wait to catch the bat!
Have fun with your class this Halloween and give them a chance to turn bats into pumpkins!

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  1. Thanks very much, Matt! You're so creative!