Thursday, 8 October 2015

Info-Relay Rip Template

I am sure most of you have, at some point or another during your teaching career, used an Information Relay/Running dictation type of activity.

A while back I wanted to do something similar, but with a twist. At first I thought about a running cut and stick but, let's face it that does have a few issues when it comes to safety. So then I thought of one of those "Room Mate Wanted" type posters that you often see in the movies;

And with that in mind, the Info-Relay Rip was born!

Placing a picture of the vocabulary item on a piece of paper and writing the word underneath, at a 90 degree angle, I was ready to go. Once I printed it off I simply cut a slit the length of the vocabulary word. I then hung them outside of the classroom, with a piece of tape, nicely spread out.

I then provided each student with a sheet of the pictures, with space underneath for them to glue the word, and a glue stick. All they then have to do is look at the picture on their sheet, find the corresponding one hung in the hallway, carefully rip off the word, take it back to their paper and glue it in place.

This works well as an individual or pair work activity and, depending on which way you choose to do it and the number of vocabulary items you need to include, cane take up to twenty minutes.

The template is in powerpoint form, so all you need to do is add the pictures (to the marked, grey squares) and the words to the horizontal rectangles under each picture before printing off and creating a sheet with your pictures on!

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