Monday, 5 October 2015

Adverbs of Manner with Ly

Fluent English speakers use adverbs of manner to describe how someone or something completes an action. Most of the time it simply (there's an example right there...) involves tagging "ly" onto the end of an adverb. But it takes learners a little time to work it out and use it in normal speech. Slightly more advanced courses often cover adverbs of manner, in a somewhat dull manner.

Adverbs of Manner with Ly includes an introduction powerpoint, adverb cards to allow your students to produce the adverbs of manner themselves, a worksheet to act as a point of reference and then a board game as further practice. Using all of these in a lesson a few weeks ago took about half an hour (30 minutes) with a large, very active class. 

By the time we had finished the lesson, the students could use adverbs of manner rather successfully (another example for you...) and had had some fun in the process. 

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