Monday, 3 August 2015

They're Over There, with Their Shoes

Teaching the difference between those pesky they're, their and there's can be an interesting one. Native speakers often confuse the three, so what chance do learners have?

Having to teach it recently, I decided it needed a little more than simple introduction, drilling and a little game.

"They're Over Their, with There Shoes" gives you a powerpoint game where your students can choose the correct version of the always tricky homophone, from a list of all 3, plus a worksheet (with the answers included, for teachers eyes only) and a matching game, for your students to match the correct word to the sentence (this time with pieces of paper and, if you want, as a race).

It worked well with a group of 7-9 year old students who, if I am honest, I suspected had come across the language before. But, practice makes perfect and an extra 20 or so minutes really did them some good. All 3 activities (the PPT game, worksheet and card match) use the same sentences to help the students feel familiar and comfortable with what they are learning. They were, by the end of the activities, referring to the 3 different words by the colours I had assigned each one. Which did make life easier for all of us, what with the pronunciation being almost identical. As a homework task they were asked to create 2 sentences using they're, their and there (so, 6 in total) that weren't from the lesson. 

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