Thursday, 16 July 2015

Wind Racer

Inspiration strikes in the strangest way and places. The other night, whilst fiddling with a small post-it note I had on my laptop, I came up with a great idea for a warmer activity!

It works well as a simple make and race game or, to make reading that little bit more exciting.

You'll need to build the track before class (it works well without, but the track adds some excitement to proceedings). Simply print as many sheets as you need. Cut them and fold them down the middle, glueing the folded wall section. Then fold the road sections out and glue them onto a piece of card. They cum with tabs, so making a track of any length is easy.

The cars can be made by your students. Have them cut them out, fold down the middle and glue. They then fold the white triangles and grey rhombuses outwards. The blank, or numbered, diamond then needs to be glued onto the back of the white tabs. If you choose to use the blank diamond, have your students write their name or team name on it.

Once the track and the cars are made, have the students line up their cars on the track, place the track on the floor and have them blow their cars along. If you use it for reading, have them read a line and blow once. The winner is the one who gets their car to the end first.

The pictures should help you see what it all looks like.

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