Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Where is the School Room Board Game

Most courses for kids have a unit on rooms in a school (classroom, cafeteria e.t.c) and possibly some mention of ordinal numbers (first, second, third e.t.c). This board game practices both.

The students start in the top left corner and role the dice. The other student asks them the question "where is the [school room, depending on the square]?" and the original student answers "the [school room] is on the [ordinal number] floor". The ordinal/floor number depends on the number they rolled on the dice. So, they may well repeat the school rooms through out the game but the ordinal numbers they produce will be different nearly every time. Once they get to the end of the board they simply start again, go round and round.

The rooms are,
-Art Room,
-Music Room,
-I.T. Room,
-Office, and
-Swimming Pool.

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