Thursday, 21 August 2014

Princess Rescue

Can you help save the beautiful Princess Tegan from the evil Queen Kimmie, with the help of the brave Knight?

Realising that many of my games (i.e. Space Wars, Robot Battle and Angry Birds Race, to name but a few) are aimed more at boys than girls, I thought I would create a "girl friendly" game!

Princess Rescue can work as a Classroom Management tool (every time the class misbehave, click on the beautiful Princess Tegan and she will fall from her tower & every time they behave well, click on the brave Knight and he will move closer to saving her) or as a Teacher Vs. Student Activity (every time the teacher gets a question right (or the students get one wrong) the Princess falls & every time the students get one right (or the teacher gets one wrong) the brave Knight moves) or a game for two teams (one team is the beautiful Princess, the other is the brave Knight).

Once the beautiful Princess reaches the ground, without the brave Knight being there to save her, a "Not Saved" button appears. Press it and the game ends badly. If the brave Knight reaches the base of the tower before the beautiful Princess, a "Saved" button appears and the game will end well.

Each character has 10 moves, so that's 20 in total i.e. 20 questions.

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