Saturday, 28 September 2013

Monkey Management

Something slightly different, a classroom management game.

Every time your class behaves, or does something exceptional, you can press the button and start the monkey on his climb up the tree.
Every time the class misbehaves, you can press the button to steal one of the monkey's bananas.

There are eight stages to the monkey's climb and eight bananas. When the class is over, minus the number of bananas from the monkeys climb to get an overall score. You will, maybe even with your class, decide on a reward/punishment scale for the class e.g. if they get a score of 8 they get a reward. If they get a score of 0 they have extra homework.

I am aware it is a little bit complex, but it's a good visual representation of the classes behaviour and should help you control the little darlings.

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