Monday, 5 March 2018

Class Stars

If you are lucky enough to be teaching children (young or very young learners) you will know that half of the battle is managing your classroom and getting the best behaviour from your students.

Class Stars is a PowerPoint based tool for rewarding your class for good behaviour, and good English production, which allows you to take away stars when you are not satisfied with their behaviour. 

Click on the "a star" box on the bottom of the screen and a bright, shining star will appear in the night sky. When you do this is completely up to you. There are a total of 20 starts to award to your class (that could be on each if you wanted to). If, once they have a star, they behave in a way you don't want or like, click on any star to remove it. I would suggest offering a reward based on the number of stars left on the board at the end of the lesson. Maybe less homework or starting the next lesson with their favourite game.

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