Friday, 9 February 2018

Race Games Mega Pack

The Race Games Mega Pack contains 25 (yes, twenty five) PowerPoint based race games!

Each one works for between 4 or 5 players or teams. Each one can be used as a reward for almost any activity (whether it is a speaking activity, a grammar or vocabulary activity). Simply ask your class a question or to produce the target language for the lesson. If they are correct they can come to the Interactive Whiteboard and press, or click, the corresponding button for their team. Once they do, their team will move forward. Moving forward 7 times will win them the race.

The 25 race games all come as separate PowerPoint files (download them all as a ZIP file below) and include;
Batman Runner, Bicycle Race, Cat Walk, Dr Who Race, Foxtrot, Gruffalo Grand Prix, Hall Race, Hike, Homer Hop, Joker Creep, Mario Race, Moonwalker, Pacing Pandas, Penny Farthing Racer, Pigeon Parade, Pikarun, Polar Express, Pumpkin Passage, Regatta, Rex Race, Robin Race, Run Racoon Race, Snail Trail, Squirrel Race and Wolf Pack.

Each one is perfect for a different theme, so look through them before your lesson to find the perfect one!

WARNING: All games use animated GIFs for the characters and have moving backgrounds, so may not be suitable for epileptics.

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