Sunday, 29 October 2017

Halloween - Halloween Threes

It's getting closer and closer and spookier and's nearly Halloween...

Halloween Threes is another halloween based powerpoint game, but this is like connect four, but for three teams.

Split your class into three teams and assign each team a halloween character (spider, pumpkin or witches hat). Then you ask them questions, any questions you want. Here is where it gets a little tricky. There are 35 squares on the board and the students need to touch a square to place their character on that square.
If they are the spider, they need to touch the top third of the square.
If they are the pumpkin, they need to touch the middle third of the square.
If they are the witches hat, they need to touch the bottom third of the square.

They can touch any square they want. The aim is to get three of their characters in a row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal are all fine). Once their is a character in a square, they can't change it. Which, of course, means they have to be a little careful as to where they touch each square.

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