Sunday, 24 September 2017

Grammar Collection - Genderbread

Grammar Collection - Genderbread
Whereas most words in English can be used for any gender, some nouns are gender specific. For example, you would never call a man "a policewoman" nor would you call a woman "a king". People will often know what a student means if they use the wrong gender, but it is still important to know the differences.

Genderbread contains 99 noun cards (for both humans and animals (remember that some of the nouns for male animals are the same as for the both category)) and 1 sorting sheet. The sorting sheet has 3 categories (male, female and both). You, as a teacher, just need to cut the cards and give them to your students (you can split your class smaller groups or keep them together) along with a sorting sheet. Then have them sort the cards into the appropriate genders.

There are also 30 blank cards, for you or your students to add their own nouns to sort or for others to make sentences.
For further practice you can have students pick a random card and make a sentence.

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