Tuesday, 4 July 2017

4th Birthday - Day 4 - E-Mote

 Time, I think, for a board game to appear n the birthday line up. This time, E-Mote, a board game to practice using and talking about emotions.

There are 3 versions you can play with your students.

Version 1
Place the cards on the board squares and have students decide if the emotion is negative or positive. This takes a little setting up, as you have to make sure the cards are on the right squares. If the student gets It right, they move the card to the middle of the board and carry on. If they are wrong, they move on but leave the card.

Version 2
Play with the cards in the middle of the board for reference and have the students simply name a positive or negative emotion depending on what square they land on.

Version 3
Play the same as version 2, but the students make a sentence using a positive or negative emotion.

All you have to do is print and cut and remember to place the emotions on the right squares (for version 1). This game works best for teens and adults.

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