Monday, 31 July 2017

4th Birthday - Day 31 - Why Did Bunny Die?

 Today is the last day of the birthday month, and what a month it has been! I shall put all the birthday month activities in one place (probably later today) so you can all find them again. But, before the normal year resumes, here is one last activity...

Why Did Bunny Die? is great for teens and adults with a good sense of humour and a great way to practice describing places and situations. Print out the two pages of cards (there are 10 per page) and distribute them to your students. Give students a blank piece of paper as well. Then, have each student take it in turns to describe the picture and have the other students draw what they think is being described. None of the situations depicted are ordinary, so students will have to call on all of their skills to describe, and draw, each picture! They will need to know nouns, prepositions, conjunctions and some verbs.

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