Wednesday, 19 July 2017

4th Birthday - Day 19 - My Name is Me

 Using personality adjectives isn't all that difficult, but getting a student to describe themselves using personality adjectives can be. challenge. "My Name is Me" is an acrostic activity. Hand each student a page and have them write their name down one side. They then have to think of personality adjectives to describe themselves that begin with the letters in their name. So, if I did one for myself, if would read;


Once they have done that, there is a space for them to write a paragraph describing themselves, using the personality adjectives they have chosen. Once they have done that, they can draw a self-portrait! These would look great around a classroom, giving the students a real sense of ownership of the place.
I have included the blank sheet for the students and an example sheet (with me on, so you might want to redo this part for your self, unless your name is Matt..)

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