Sunday, 2 July 2017

4th Birthday - Day 2 - Animal Farm

For day 2 of the birthday month, it's time for an activity based on a classic and well loved novel. Animal Farm helps your students to detail a number of characters and then, as the detail builds, to use these characters to write their own story.

It contains a 12 sided dice with a picture of all the characters, a set of character name cards (for your students to match with the characters (it doesn't matter if they use the real names or not), another set of character importance cards (so students can work out who the main characters are), a set of 12 age guards (again so that each character can be assigned an age and gender), a description of each character (again, so that more detail can be added to each character), a page for student's notes and, finally, a page for each student to write their own version of Animal Farm with the characters they have built with the cards and dice.

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