Sunday, 28 May 2017

Grammar Collection: Triple Pelmanism Irregular Verbs

Grammar Collection: Triple Pelmanism Irregular Verbs

With so much of the English language, there are rules that can be followed and learnt to help the students. Irregular Verbs, however, aren't like that. There is no rule to learn or follow and they need to, quite simply, be learnt.

I am sure you've all played a pelmanism game with your students, they have to turn over card and match pairs of words or pictures and collect the matching ones.

Triple Pelmanism works in just the same way. Except, the students have to find sets of three cards, matching all three forms of the irregular verbs. There are eighteen sets of verbs, which gives you a total fifty four cards for your students to search through, memorise and maybe even learn. I have chosen a light, not terribly easy font to read, to make it harder for the students to see through the paper and cheat (as they tried to do when I initially tried out this idea in the classroom).

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