Thursday, 28 April 2016

Escape from Jail

A generic board game can always come in handy. That way you can use it for any grammar point or vocabulary you choose.

Escape from Jail is just that, for 4 players. Except there is a twist. Each player uses the same counter, trying to get it to there home!

If any player moves the piece to a black hole, the game resets and the piece moves back to the central, jail square.

So it is a constant tug of war/one step forward, two steps back! The aim is to get from the start, jail, to your home. But the other 3 players will be trying to do the same. You may well find yourself 1 space from home before another team moves you closer to their home.

It is also photocopiable, so you can quickly print as many as you need!

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