Friday, 5 February 2016

Sherlock Holmes - The Missing Fiddle

I am sure I'm not the only one who enjoys the BBC's latest adaptation of Sherlock Holmes? So why not introduce it to your classes with a fun, and hopefully perplexing, game of find the fiddle?

Sherlock has misplaced his favourite violin and needs the help of your students to find it. It is behind one of his hats, but which one? Can they find it?
There are five levels to choose from, with twenty-five hats to look under in each level.
Just as a clue, for you NOT your students, the fiddles are hidden under the following hats;

Level 1 = Column 2, Hat Number 2 (from the top).
Level 2 = Column 4, Hat Number 3 (from the top).
Level 3 = Column 3, Hat Number 4 (from the top).
Level 4 = Column 2, Hat Number 3 (from the top).
Level 5 = Column 5, Hat Number 1 (from the top).


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