Thursday, 7 January 2016

Possessive Adjectives The Board Game

As promised on twitter a few weeks back, there has been a slight change to some of Matt-Erials activities. But, don't worry, not all of them. Due to not having a colour printer at my new school (in Turkey) I am now making black and white, photocopiable board games, dominos and worksheets for my classes. So I thought I would share them so you can use them with your classes to!

I know from teaching many Chinese students, that most students learning English can often struggle with differentiating between he/she. And they definitely struggle with the possessive adjectives (his/hers/she/he/they).

To practice using the possessive adjectives, once you have taught the students what they are, why not play a board game?

All the students have to do is roll the dice and land on a square. Once they land they can choose the correct possessive adjective from the choice or produce the adjective to finish the sentence. Once they pass the striped square (next to start) they receive one point and continue on. They can choose to take a short cut, but the shortcut isn't kind at the start or end, so caution is advised!

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