Monday, 9 November 2015

What's Wally Doing?

Everyone learns some basic verbs (sometimes they learn the gerund as well) during an English course. But, from my experience, students often don't continue this as they advance. And let's face it, there are hundreds of verbs in the English language that we all use daily.
"What's Wally Doing" is a verb recognition game, giving your students the chance to search through five pictures to find eight different characters, each doing something different. The list they need to find is at the bottom of the screen. All they need to do, once they find the person they are looking for, is touch that person to take a picture and cross them off the list. Simple. Although, anyone who knows the Where's Wally books knows that finding anyone within the pictures can be anything but simple! 
P.S. They don't actually need to find Wally, just the people doing things.

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