Monday, 2 November 2015

Prepositions Board Game

The simple prepositions of place (in/on/under...) appear regularly in English language courses, especially for young learners. But we, as native speakers, use many more to describe where something is or what it looks like.

Having to teach a group of teenagers some slightly more advanced prepositions of place i.e. in the corner, against the..., left/right side, opposite, far left/right corner, I decided to create a board game to give them a little more practice and help them to understand the phrases we had been learning.

The prepositions board game is for four or fewer players. Each player has a grey, numbered piece and an animal. They roll the dice and move their numbered piece around the board. Each square includes a preposition, before they have their next turn they must place their animal in the correct place, depending on the instruction. I have provided two boards and pieces for eight players, just to make printing a little easier.

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