Monday, 16 November 2015

Minion Vortex

After a request to create a game suitable for more students, I looked at a pen I use everyday in my classes and decided upon Minion Vortex (it, by the way, is a yellow Minions pen...).

Split your class into 2 or more teams and ask them questions. If they are right, a representative can come up and choose a moving eye to touch and reveal points. But, some eyes hide some twists.
- Try again,
- Swap points with another team,
- Steal another team's points,
- Lose all your points,
- Lose half your points,
- And choose another team who will lose their points.
It makes for some interesting scenes, especially if a winning team swap points with a losing team!

There are 39 eyes up for grabs, so it works well with a larger class!

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