Thursday, 1 October 2015

Countdown Spin

I heard recently that the average amount of time an ESL teacher gives a student to respond to a question is about 2 seconds (a little shocking...), before moving on or prompting them. So I have tried to make sure I don't do this. Having said that, however, sometimes quick fire thinking and question answering can come in handy.
With that in mind, Countdown Spin gives your student, or students, 10 seconds to answer as many questions as you see fit to ask them. If they answer correctly, or within the time frame, they can spin some or all of the 5 spinners to get points. The twist being that the longer they take, the fewer spinners they can spin. If it takes them 8-9 seconds to answer they only get to spin 1 spinner. If it takes them 1-2 seconds, they can spin all 5. 

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