Monday, 10 August 2015

Dino Dig

Inspiration comes from the strangest of sources sometimes. This time it struck while watching Jurassic World. I'm sure you've all played games such as Treasure Hunt (a PPT that's been kicking around TEFL schools in China for a few years) or other games where the students get a chance to try and fin an object.
Well, Dino Dig gives them a chance to find the 39 dinosaur bones to complete the skeleton. Simple give them a chance to come to the interactive whiteboard (once they have answered a question or produced the intended language point) and let them touch a section of soil. The soil will disappear and might reveal a bone. If it does, have them touch the bone to send to it the collection board. Once all 39 bones have been found, click on the trowel to bring the dinosaur to life!

It's a fairly long game, but it should give your entire class ample opportunity to practice the language or answer a question, at least once!

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