Monday, 13 July 2015

Useless Products...

Getting your class to write adverts is a great way to get them thinking of the advantages of certain items and, of course, the language they need to create these adverts.

One way to do that is to have them design their very own product, great if they enjoy being and are creative. But it doesn't always work like that (especially here in China...). To get around this, why not give them a few "pre-made" products? You could give them normal, everyday products (which I have done in the past) which works well. But, I found giving them useless products really sparked their imagination, creativity and stretched their brains to find any small advantages!
So, I created a PPT with the useless products that you can use as a background and to introduce the products, as well as a series of flashcards that you can give each group as a reference. Just split your class into groups, let them choose a product, give them a flashcard and some paper and the time to create their advert. Once they have finished, have them stand in front of the PPT and present their advert to the class.
The products include,
A broom with the bristles running in the same direction to the handle.
A fork with a chain handle.
An almost closed wine glass with an opening to one side.
A watering can that waters itself.
Open toed wellington boots.
A sun glass for a one-eyed person.
A ping-pong bat with a large hole in the middle.
A closed spoon.

For some extra fun, you can allow the other members of the class to say how much they would pay for each product, based on the advert, and then calculate which group earned the mot money and is, therefore, the winner!

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