Monday, 8 June 2015


Being an ESL teacher you WILL, I guarantee, teach emotions and feelings! Usually this will be to a group of younger learners. Of course, I have also taught emotions and feelings to younger learners. But, whenever I do I am somewhat frustrated at the lack of one set of images that encompasses all the emotions or feelings.

With this in mind, I sat and created a set and four activities to go with them. The set of emotions include; happy, sad, angry, fine, sick, shocked, scared, worried, mad and crazy.
And then the four activities to help you teach the emotions are:

1) A powerpoint to introduce and drill the emotions, along with the simple structure "I am ...". It also gives the students the chance to produce the language at the end.

2) A labelling worksheet to act as a point of reference for your students and to help you check their understanding.

3) A printable spinner to let your students practice the structure and emotions.

4) A Top Score game that enables your students to produce the structure once more, whilst asking the question to their partner. If the answering student is correct they can roll a dice and record their score next to the appropriate picture.

I have also included all the pictures, should you wish to use them to make your own activity.

P.S. I have talked about it being perfect for ESL teachers, but these activities would work well for any  class, at any type of school.

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