Monday, 1 June 2015

I am Not an Animal

So, a few months back, one of my classes were looking at entertainment and script writing for a TV show. As I sat and planned the lesson I thought about having them write their own, original script and then act it out. However, I eventually came to the conclusion that this might take a little too long and would have very little structure to it.

Then i remembered an animation series from a few years back called "I am Not An Animal" which depicted a collection of lab animals escaping the lab and setting of to start their lives. 

So, the activity I planned had the students watch the video clip (with no sound as the language wasn't very suitable and I wanted them to think of their own script). 
I then had them order the story with the use of some flashcards. 
Their next task was to write a story board, using the same images from the flashcards, for their own script. 
And then, with the video up for them to refer to, I had them spend twenty minutes writing their own script, after we'd decided who the characters were.

Once all the preparation was complete I played the video and had the students sit in front of the screen to read out their scripts. The overall effect was that of an animation scripted by the groups, being played to the class. It worked rather well, although the two groups did come up with similar story lines. You could always give them different pieces of information that you wanted them to include in their scripts, just to alter the outcome.
It turned out to be a great way to teach them about the parts of an animation/TV program, allowed them to use their humour and imagination and gave them the chance to write their very own script in a nice, structured format.


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