Friday, 27 March 2015

Biggish Book of Generic Board Games

Having reached 3000 page views, I thought it time to add a little something to the blog (as a wee thank you)!

The book (in PDF format/or individually as a ZIP file) contains 15 generic board games that can be used for any level, subject, vocab or grammar point;

  1. Bridge Board Game - Move around the simple board game and cross the bridge to finish.
  2. City Board Game - Move around the city streets, or get directions to different places.
  3. City Stick Board Game - Move around the city, from house to house and apartment to apartment, just be aware of the sticky squares.
  4. Complex Generic Board Game - Probably best for older age groups, be careful to follow all the arrows.
  5. Generic Board Game (Simple) - A simple, generic board game, follow the arrows and numbers.
  6. Generic Board Game One - Mush the same as number 5, just a slightly different layout.
  7. House Board Game - Make your way around the house, visit different rooms or items of furniture.
  8. Monster Board Game - Start and finish in the monster's belly, move all the way around the monster.
  9. Snakes and Ladders - A new take on an old favourite.
  10. Tegan's Tower - Make your way from the fisherman's hut to the castle tower, their are shortcuts and forfeits along the way.
  11. The Race - A slightly complex race game, for 2 to 4 players/teams, racing around the track in different directions.
  12. Transformers Board Game - Make your way around the board answering or asking questions. But, if you roll a 1 you must do 10 star jumps. Roll a 10 and you must choose someone else to do 10 star jumps.
  13. Big Hero 6 Board Game - Make your way around the board, taking shortcuts when you get to a character from the film, or loosing the shortcut when you reach a minibot!
  14. Blockbusters [Editable] - An old classic you can edit with any PDF reader.
  15. Blockbusters - An old classic.
Thank you! And I hope these can be of some use in your classroom!

The PDF Book                          The ZIP File

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