Monday, 2 February 2015

Wheel of Shame

In a bid to motivate a particularly quiet class of teens the other week, I came up with the wheel of shame!

I had them come to the front of the class and have them answer some particularly fiendish questions. If they got the answer right, they were safe and could sit back down. If, on the other hand, they were wrong, they had to press the button on the screen, wait for the wheel to finish spinning and complete the forfeit it landed on! It worked rather well and had them all trying their hardest to get the answer right!

The forfeits are as follows;

  • Dance with a partner,
  • Complete 10 star jumps,
  • Act like a baby for one minute,
  • Sing a song (let the other students choose),
  • Dance on your own,
  • Clean the classroom for one minute,
  • Complete 10 push ups,
  • Touch your toes 10 times or,
  • Complete 5 laps of the classroom in as short a time as possible.

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