Monday, 19 January 2015

Infinitives of Purpose Board Game

Infinitives of Purpose can be a little dull and/or repetitive to teach. Having to teach it recently, to a group of teens, I decided upon a board game to give them practice of saying "I go to the ... to ..."

This game works for four students. Each one picks a colour and that is where they start. They then roll the dice and make their way around the board, in a clockwise direction. When they land on a square they must produce an infinitive of purpose using the words in that square. Some squares contain places, if they land on a location they must say why they go there. Other squares contain infinitives of purpose, reasons to go to a place. If a student lands one of these squares, they must name a place they go for that infinitive of purpose i.e. if they land on "fix teeth" they produce the sentence "I go to the dentist to fix my teeth". Once they have made one round of the board they must roll the correct number on the dice to return to their start square.

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