Monday, 26 January 2015

Clara's Classroom

Having to teach a 1-to-1 student the items in a classroom, I found that the classroom we use didn't have all of the items (realia) that I needed. So, I came up with Clara and her classroom! And, of course, a series of activities for teaching my student the items in Clara's Classroom.

There is a powerpoint to introduce the vocabulary, flashcards to help your students practice and become more familiar with the vocabulary. There is also a Top Score game for your students to get more practice of the vocabulary as well as a powerpoint slide for some individual production and/or drilling. And then, to finish off, there is a a worksheet where the students have to match the word to the picture and even trace the word itself, giving them further consolidation of what they have learnt. 

In short, it's almost a full lesson!

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