Thursday, 6 November 2014

The Simpsons - Spot the Difference Board Game

Looking for a decent, and lengthy, Spot the Difference activity for a group of teenagers and not finding one, I decided it was about time I created one.

The Simpsons Spot the Difference Board Game can be played by two players or two teams. Give each player/team a set of the game cards (one has bart with orange t-shirt and blue shorts, the other has Bart with blue t-shirt and orange shorts). Show them each board and have them see which differences they can spot. Once they spot a difference they should put a game card on each square of the board (the original and the one with the difference) to claim it as their own. The one with the most differences wins!

The "board" is two, almost identical pictures of Springfield (downloadable below) and a separate set of PDF game cards. You can also download the answers (in written form and in visual form on a PPT).

This is great for practicing prepositions of places, discussing similarities and differences, and for practicing grid references. Each board has labelled squares to help you spot where the differences are. The answer sheet also has each answer written down, with a grid reference for each (just remember, when reading a grid reference you walk ALONG the corridor and then UP the stairs)!

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