Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Game Ideas for Your Classroom

It's not always possible to make, or even use a powerpoint game, some times it's best just to rely on a good old fashioned game involving the students, a ball, the teacher and some flashcards. I've been teaching for a while now and tend to use at least one, non-powerpoint game in every class. Below is a list I have compiled, not all of which I have used, of interesting games that come in handy for young, younger and very young leaners;

Fly Swats
Spread Flashcards around the room, shout ‘green!’ etc. and have Students smack the appropriate card.

Action Verbs Game
Teacher places flashcards around the room. ‘Run to the pencil!’ ‘Fly to the table!’ etc. Students should have a good understanding of action verbs before playing this game.

London Bridge
Using a Teaching Assistant (if you have one), sing the song and have Students run under bridge. Use the end of the song to trap kids and ask q’s.

Ball Game (1)
Teacher asks Students questions. If they get it right, 1/2 stars. Teacher then throws the ball to Students three times and Students must catch it. 1 star per catch.

Ball Game (2)
Teacher asks Students questions. If they get it right, boys must throw the tennis ball into the blue bin and girls into the pink bin. If boys/girls get the ball into the wrong bin, 1 star for the girls/boys.

Dice/FC’s Game
6 Flashcards in a row on the floor. Students throw the dice. 3? Student jumps from 1-3 FC’s, naming each. All 3 correct? 3 points plus 3 - 6 points for that Students.

Musical Chairs
7 Students, 6 chairs. Every time music stops and a Students is knocked out, Teacher asks them a question.

Pastudents the parcel/bomb Game
Teacher places Students in a circle (floor or chairs) and draws a bomb on the board with a fuse. Students must pastudents around a soft toy. When the bomb explodes, Teacher asks Students a question. Continue until all Students have had a go.

Sticky Ball/Board Game
Teacher draws an animal on the board. 5 points for the neck, 10 for the mouth, 20 for the nose, 30 for the ears etc. Students are divided into teams (boys/girls?) and score for their team after answering a question correctly and throwing the sticky ball at the animal on the board.

Master/Servants Game (Ideal for very young learners)
Teacher places many FC’s word side up on the floor. Boys against girls? ‘Find me the apple!’ Students must race against each other to find the apple Flashcard. The Students who finds it first gets a star (or maybe winner gets 2* & loser 1*).

Fake Money Game
Teacher asks 2 Students questions concerning FC’s. Teacher then places fake money notes on the floor and Students have to use FC’s given to them by T to blow money along the floor. The winner progrestudentses to the next round/gets a star.

Rock/Scistudentsors/Paper FC’s Game
1 row of FC’s. Students jump from FC to FC, e.g. ‘... can fly’, ‘... can walk’ etc. Once they both reach the finish line, Students play rock paper scistudentsors and the winner progrestudentses to the next round (quarter finals, semi-finals etc.) or gets 2 stars, loser 1 star.

Dice/Bomb Game
Teacher draws 2 teams of boys & girls on the board. Boy rolls a dice. 10 points for 1, 20pts for 2, 30 for 3 and 50 for 5. If the boy answers the question but rolls a four, the scores are reversed, so girls obtain boys’ points. If boy rolls a 6, the boys lose all their points.

FC/Bouncy Ball Game (Ideal for very young learners)
Place FC’s in a row. T asks Students questions, and for every correct answer, 1*. Students then have a chance to get another star by bouncing the ball on the FC and catching it. No catch? No *.

Spin the bottle Game
Students sit in a circle with a bottle/skittle in the middle. Teacher/Students spin the bottle and whichever Students the bottle points to, T asks Students a  question.

Snakes & Ladders Game
Teacher draws a snakes & ladders game on the board with x amount of spaces. Teacher divides Students into 2 teams and before each team throws the die, Teacher asks one Students of that team a question. If question is right, Students can throw the dice and move forward.

Blindfold Game
Teacher chooses a Students and places a blindfold over them. Teacher then uses realia and places realia in Students hands. Students must then guestudents what they are holding.

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